New smoking law

I applaud the implementation of this new law. I hope that any changes make it stricter and not more lenient.

I like the idea that the law prohibits smoking within 10 feet of a place, even if it means that they have to go out on the road. No one wants to smell cigarette smoke, especially if it’s in an area where there are children.

I hope this applies to the airport as well because I’ve had to ask people to please put out their cigarettes or move because I’m sitting their with my young children waiting for someone to come out of the Customs area and they sit next to us and light up a cigarette.

I don’t think this law will affect anyone’s business. The signage shouldn’t be a problem. This should have been started a long time ago because this law has been in the making for quite awhile, so everyone should have at least had a storeroom full of signs by now waiting to be put up.

I noticed that Foster’s had signs up for quite awhile saying no smoking within 10 feet of the building and I applaud this.

Jonathan Rivers