Lead by example

Upon viewing the cartoon of the knives stabbing the back of the personal representative of Her Majesty the Queen, I knew why the crime rate in Grand Cayman is so high.

It is not the little people on the street that would murder the Queen’s representative. It is the powerful people represented by this symbol of hatred. It is the person who drew the knives, and your own people who published it.

Those knives reflect an attitude of murder and an attack on our Queen and you can be sure the local crime rate will go higher and higher. Remember, little people follow the example of leaders.

Jim Barron

Editor’s note: We welcome thoughtful comments from all readers. Editorial cartoons, by their very nature, tend to express a point in an exaggerated way. The medium often uses metaphor that is not meant to be taken literally. The Caymanian Compass was in no way implying that it is acceptable to put knives in the back of former Governor Stuart Jack or anyone else. It used a metaphor of the story of Julius Caesar to illustrate the unpopularity of Mr. Jack with certain segments of Cayman society, in particular some elected representatives.