Today’s Editorial December 16: Becoming street smart

We took some criticism for one of our headlines about crime recently. People weren’t really complaining about the fact that we reported the crime news; only the way in which it was reported.

It’s true that some crimes that occur in Cayman become front-page news, where in many other places in the world those crimes would appear well inside a newspaper, if at all. That is because crime, at least the kind that is now occurring in Cayman, is still relatively novel here and therefore newsworthy.

At some point, however, we will likely stop putting some crimes on the front page simply because they no longer have the novelty element required of front-page news.

It’s unfortunate that we, as a society, are starting to become desensitised to crime, as the people are in some many other places, but that is a sign of the times.

Unfortunately, despite the rise in crime level, many people haven’t realised there are other changes they must make in their lives to avoid becoming victims of crimes of opportunity.

Obviously, car and home doors need to be locked these days. Efforts need to be made to shore up possible points of entry in homes, particularly windows and sliding glass doors.

In vehicles, valuables and shopping bags need to be put out of sight. Doors should be locked behind the driver and passengers. Keys should always be removed from the ignition and an unattended vehicle should never be left running.

When out at night, people should survey their surroundings for anything suspicious. When heading for a car at night in a secluded place, people should have their door key out and ready so that they take no longer than needed to get into their cars.

In general, at night people need to be more careful where they go, when they go, and with whom they go.

In other places, all of this is known as being street smart. Unfortunately, it’s time we became street smart here as well.