Governor Jack deserves hero status

Very interesting comments on the Auditor General’s position; almost identical reflections on the term and service of the just departed Governor Stuart Jack.

When someone is pointing a finger, there’s usually four fingers pointing back at them.

Unfortunately, but for the economic and financial benefit of some, Cayman forged a culture of secrecy and ‘playing by its own rules’ at least one entire generation ago (40 years) and it would be very difficult if not impossible, to change that overnight.

Another issue that compounds the problem is that the majority of local and expatriate residents have to ‘toe the line’ if they wish to maintain their jobs and economic benefits to survive the ‘system’ in Cayman and so have become immune to what would be termed ‘corruption’ in most other jurisdictions in the democratic world.

I once had a very prominent and influential friend of mine define it to me as ‘the Cayman way’, meaning when in Rome, try to do as the Romans do and don’t look or question too deeply.

Every poll that has been taken on independence brings back a vote of a resounding ‘NO’ by the majority of Cayman’s citizens so there must be sound reasons in most people’s minds why maintaining the current relationship with Britain is their wish.

What most of those people will realise is the necessary work done by the ex-Governor and Mr. Duguay, in spite of the fierce opposition and criticism that they have come under from some quarters of Caymanian society.

In Mr. Jack’s case, his intentions have been of the highest integrity and while I do agree that Operation Tempura was high-jacked by a questionable Metropolitan Police team and dodgy legal advice, the principle objective of addressing the obvious corruption that led to the operation in the first place has gotten the Cayman Islands ‘out of jail’ so to speak, in the corruption probes that were ongoing by the British Parliament on the BOTs at around the same time.

Mr. Jack rescued the Cayman Islands from being on a list that includes every single one of the BOTs, with the worst case being the Turks and Caicos Islands.

If the local politicians and their cronies are so concerned about the money these investigations have cost, they will be more vigilant in the future to make sure that their actions and decisions can meet the light of scrutiny in an honest world, if such a thing does exist.

History will show that Stuart Jack deserves ‘heroes’ status in Cayman and might get that honour one day from the honest, intelligent Caymanians who realise the value of his work to the long-term benefit of the people of the Cayman Islands who wish to remain British citizens and for now, those seem to continue to be the majority.

Ricardo Tatum