East End kids scored success

The East End five-a-side community football league was a big deal.

It was the first league of its kind in Cayman’s history and attracted over 70 kids to participate.

The league wrapped up early this month and sentiments in the East End community have remained positive.

Among the people singing the praises of the league, a partnership between the Department of Sports and the East End Youth Committee, is Delmira Bodden-Kirchman.

She is the community officer for the district and played a big role in both the youth committee (which she spearheaded) and the league.

In her mind the competition was a positive step forward for the youth.

‘It was a great success. The attendance showed it was something that was much needed. It is encouraging to us in the district to get involved in more sports activities.

‘On the youth committee sports is one of many things in the works. We opened a computer lab in the East End United church hall last month and we’re gearing towards other necessary programs for our youth.

‘At the end of the day sports and education are part of our plans of reaching out to the young people and getting them in positive environments.’

The league saw two divisions geared for the U13 and U18 age groups. Matches were played on Saturday evenings and generally drew a sizeable crowd of 40 plus supporters and parents.

A steady fixture in the stands was Vernie Watler-Harris, mother of football prodigy Arvid Harris.

Watler-Harris, who organized volunteers for the league, feels expectations were exceeded.

‘I thought it was great. I didn’t expect so many kids to be honest. We could always have had more parents but it was a good turnout for every game.

‘The best part was the children were enthused and were looking forward to their matches.’

Deputy Director of Sports Collin Anglin expressed his sentiments.

‘Things turned out very well as the games were well attended, the kids enjoyed it and there was a lot of community support.

‘I thank Cayman Screen Print, Pirates Cove, A.L. Thompson’s Home Depot and Uncle Bill’s as sponsors who gave graciously to the league.

‘I thank all the volunteers from the coaches and referees to the concession stand attendants for helping the children of East End.’