Budget regroup for next year

It was a tough season for the Budget Beavers.

Talk of a championship through three quarters of the year quickly faded for Budget as the team stumbled to the MEPCO High Rollers to miss out on both the regular season and Cherry Cup title.

Game three of the best-of-three series between the Beavers and High Rollers ended Tuesday at Kings with Budget on the losing end of a 6-5 score.

The team came up short in spite of out-shooting MEPCO 38-32.

After Tuesday’s game, a lot of Budget players hung their heads. Among the most disappointed was goalie John Vanderwal.

In his eyes Budget was the better team but just could not pull out the wins.

‘It was definitely an upset I would say. We had our chances to score all series, especially in the last game, but we could not capitalize on those chances.

‘The High Rollers never gave up, didn’t stop skating and it seemed that they just wanted it more in the end and it showed on the scoreboard.’

The man who made 158 saves on the season and was arguably the league’s second-best goalie would also issue MEPCO a light-hearted warning.

‘I hope the High Rollers enjoy their time in the spotlight with the Cherry Cup because next season the Budget Beavers will be back to take back what’s rightfully ours.’

Budget team captain Mark Missal felt his team could not catch a break.

‘It was a hard fought series and we came out of it on the wrong side unfortunately. We just didn’t get the bounces and couldn’t capitalise on our chances. A disappointing loss after a solid regular season and first round win.

‘Everyone played their hearts out and now we have to look forward to next season. I thank all the boys for coming out game in and game out and playing hard. I would also like to thank Budget for their support and sponsorship.’

League Director Ray Singh gave his thoughts on the tense series.

‘These two teams played their hearts out in game three. The Beavers were clearly disappointed after the loss but they played a great series and should be proud of their efforts. Congratulations to the High Rollers on a well deserved championship.’