MEPCO skate away with Cherry Cup

The WestTel Adult Roller Hockey ended in grand fashion Tuesday night at the King’s Sports Centre.

The battle for the Cherry Cup stretched to three games and was eventually claimed once again by this season’s champions the MEPCO High Rollers.

Heading into the Cherry Cup finals, it was a virtual coin toss between league powerhouses MEPCO and the Budget Beavers. Game one went into overtime with Tim ‘The Great One’ Courtis finally delivering the golden goal for MEPCO.

Game two saw over 18 penalty minutes with rookie Beavers defenseman Joe Jewitt scoring a hat trick in a Budget 6-3 score.

All of the intensity of the first two games brought out league players and several fans to witness the final game. MEPCO came in especially handicapped without Tim Courtis, Ryan MacMillan and John Cowan, the best goalie in the regular season.

Suiting up as Cowan’s replacement was High Rollers rookie player Dan Etherington, who had played only one other game in goal during the season.

The explosive Budget Beavers offense put on a lot of pressure managing to put up 38 shots on goal. Etherington held his composure in net against the Budget scoring line of Tim MacDonald, Mark Missal, and Chris Moser, who each scored a goal Tuesday.

The Beavers ended up relying on their defense for offense, as defenseman Jamie Lyon led his team with two goals.

Meanwhile Budget goalie John Vanderwal faced an onslaught of fast-break plays lead by Eric Mildenberger and Wolfgang Brocklebank that led to 32 shots on goal. Mildenberger would score a hat trick as he relentlessly attacked the Beavers’ defense in the corners and forced costly turnovers.

To no surprise the closing minutes of the game would be explosive. Late in the second half MEPCO would be trailing by a goal. With less than two minutes left in regulation Mildenberger scored his third goal to tie the score.

However the High Rollers’ intensity never let up as Brocklebank scored his second of the game with 16 seconds remaining to regain the lead for MEPCO and ultimately secure the coveted Cherry Cup.

Kings advises the public that the next season of adult roller hockey starts back in the spring on Tuesday February 23. For more information on local hockey, e-mail [email protected].