Give the gift of gold

An ideal gift this Christmas is a memory of Cayman – whether for visitors or residents.

The Cayman link jewellery from Island Companies offers a unique souvenir for anyone to appreciate, both due to the attraction of its design and the quality of its manufacturing.

The link is a gold chain, a design chosen because of its popularity in the islands, said Rich Dyer, marketing coordinator at Island Companies.

‘Gold chains are very popular for our local market as well as internationally, and we wanted to develop a beautiful chain link that was only available on our islands to translate local identity onto luxury jewellery,’ Mr. Dyer said.

Christina Rea, gold buyer for Island Companies, explained that the gold used in the production of the jewellery is both 14- and 18-karat gold. It is made in Los Angeles and was first designed six years ago by Ital Gold.

In order to push the product locally, Island Companies featured the jewellery in a full-page spread in its catalogue. Thus far, the designs have proven popular with both local and international customers.

‘For locals, we have seen a particular trend of locals buying the Cayman Link chain for treasure coins set into pendants, another local favourite,’ Mr. Dyer said.

The detail in each piece reflects the intricacy of the design, which was conceived by Ital Gold.

‘Developing something unique and attractive was our primary motivation – something that stands out from other gold chains, but is also beautiful jewellery in its own right,’ said Mr. Dyer. ‘The ‘floating’ gold balls that sit in the middle of each link are free to slide in motion with the wearer and the development of this unique feature came from a long process of design and trial and error.’

The lock on the link was also created with the future in mind.

‘The lock was designed later, with a small embossed ‘Cayman Islands’ onto the gold to give the pieces their identification, so that the Cayman Islands will forever be associated with the piece as it is passed through generations,’ Mr. Dyer said.