Step up, take care of CI

Oh Caymanians, keepers of these beautiful islands you call home, where are you? What is happening to that beautiful home of yours? As someone, who along with family, has been going to Cayman for over 24 years, I sat by and watched what has been happening and now have to with urgency call on all Caymanians, from mother, father, boys, girls, government leaders, pastors, doctors, nurses, police, air flight attendants, pilots, no matter who you are or what you do, you must do something.

While a parade down the middle of the street shows you are unhappy, you must take a further stand, taking ownership of your home.

There are many beautiful islands in the world, but the one thing that Cayman has always had and stood for, was beautiful people and safety beyond measure. Not all that long ago, you could walk down the beach at night and not give a concern, but not today. People who once went to Cayman now say, ‘the day I felt threatened would be the day we stopped going there’….Well, as unbelievable as it may seem, that day has arrived.

I think back on some of the things that have taken place. I will start with the RCIPS. They were always respected; they always did a wonderful job. Somewhere it was decided that they needed to have an in-depth investigation. Well that would be fine if it was merited and that would be fine if it was limited to just that. This is not a large police force, so an investigation could have been accomplished in a very, very short span of time…Instead we all know how this dragged on and in the process created more damage than the good, it supposedly was to accomplish.

In the process, of trying to gain safety back, along the way, things are bound to happen and mistakes will be made, but do not lose sight of the big picture and that is to restore what Cayman has always enjoyed….it’s reputation of being the safest place in the world.

None of us like our normal routine of life interrupted or changed. We all like to go about our business and not take on more than we have to, but when it starts to change your life as you knew it, you have to step up to the plate and make a difference. Most people do not know the power that they have as a whole group. For example, you could take a district and then divide it up into distance, so you would have one town broken up into so many streets, which would make an area. Then you have a captain of that area with a list of people, who will be watch dogs of those streets, not just one person, but a few, with a list of phone numbers of everyone to be reached when you do surveillance…and that is what it will take…for everyone, one block at a time, subscribing to the broken window theory.

The idea of it is that you had to pay attention to small things; otherwise they would get out of control and become much worse. And that, in fact, is a lot of our approach to crime, quality of life, social programs; we allow small things to get worse rather than dealing with them at the earliest possible stage.

Most people will say, ‘It can’t work here,’ because they want to keep the status quo. There is such a desire for people to do that, to keep the status quo. Well, there’s no reason why it can’t work; one area, one block at a time, paying attention to the things that are being ignored. So instead of ignoring you step up to the plate and say, ‘We are going to pay attention to that,’ and it will work.

Have meetings with your area, or blocks, with the RCIP, weekly, until your area is cleaned up.

This brings me to the beating the RCIPS has taken. They are your protectors, they are the gate keepers and they are your brothers, sisters, uncles, dads, moms, cousins. They need your help and your respect. If your island is to survive the hit it is taking, you are going to have to help them in this battle. They need your cooperation, help and most important, your support.

So my dear Caymanians, I beg you, nowhere is it written that these beautiful islands that you call home will always stay what they were, as you can start to see for yourself. So before the time ticks away any further, please step up and care.

Evelyn Cannata