JA slip to 81

Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz have suffered a seven-place drop in the FIFA rankings but retain the No 1 spot in the Caribbean Football Union rankings over Trinidad and Tobago.

Cayman are in 183rd place in the FIFA world rankings, 17th in the Caribbean.

The Jamaicans are 81st on the FIFA Coca Cola year-ending December list, marginally ahead of T&T, who are 82nd.

Neither team had an international match in the period for the latest ranking adjustments.

The drop — from No 74 in November — for Jamaica is uncomfortable.

Because of work permit restrictions for players from countries ranked outside FIFA’s top 75, most Caribbean countries have had the prospects of talented players stifled.

All leading CFU teams declined on FIFA’s December ratings with the region’s No 3 Haiti falling five places to 90th and fourth ranked Cuba plunging 23 places to 119th in the world.

The region’s fifth-rated Guyana fell 10 places to 127th in the world, and Barbados, down 14 places to 129th, are sixth in the CFU.

FIFA’s team of the year Spain retain the world’s No 1 spot on FIFA’s list ahead of Brazil in a top 10 that remains unchanged from last month.

The Netherlands are third, followed by Italy, Portugal, and Germany with France seventh and Argentina eighth, with England ninth and Croatia 10th.