Fan sparks footbrawl

A disgruntled football spectator who disagreed with the referee’s decisions sparked a brawl that led to a player dislocating his shoulder, the game being abandoned and the police attending the scene.

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Mr. Ebanks

The match between Elite and Roma United took place Sunday night at the Ed Bush Stadium in West Bay.

Christopher ‘Chicken’ Morgan, a Roma reserve team player, was a spectator in the crowd. Although Roma was winning 2-1 and the match only had eight more minutes to play, Mr. Morgan felt the referee, Scott Wilson, was favouring Elite in too many decisions.

The game was interrupted when Mr. Morgan walked onto the pitch to complain. Urged to leave by players from both sides, he eventually walked off, but got into an argument on the sidelines with Greg Ebanks, Elite’s technical director, who was trying to calm the situation down.

Mr. Morgan pushed Mr Ebanks, which sparked Elite players to surround him. Roma players jumped in to protect Mr. Morgan and spectators also got involved in the melee.

Mr. Morgan ran and picked up a five-foot corner flag and started swinging at the Elite players.

The incident petered out when Mr. Morgan jumped over a fence and left. West Bay police arrived soon after and took statements from all involved.

Jason Ebanks, Greg’s son and an Elite player, had his shoulder dislocated during the fracas and Greg’s other son, Jedd, was also badly bruised.

‘I tried to calm the situation down,’ said Greg Ebanks. ‘Morgan pushed me and it all escalated from there.

‘Jason can’t play for two months now and Jedd showed his bruises at the police station.’

Mr. Ebanks wants harsh actions taken in response to the incident.

‘Players coming onto the pitch to attack officials should be banned for life,’ he said. ‘If he is allowed to get away with it, he may do it again only worse.’

Mr. Morgan was already serving a six-match ban for another disciplinary issue.

Mark Campbell, vice-president of Roma United, said: ‘We have decided to write Mr. Morgan a letter because he will be banned from playing for Roma.’

A spokesman for the Cayman Islands Football Association said: ‘We are taking this incident very seriously and have launched an investigation and will deal with all persons involved in whatever manner necessary.’