Little learners all teed up for success

The Yellow Pages Junior Golf Club’s fourth session of its inaugural camp saw vast improvements from many of its budding golfers.

The session was capped off with two incredible chip-ins from the juniors Justin Hastings and Jacob Graham. The young golfers took their first steps into fist pumping and high fiving on the golf course. The juniors also took their first swings with a driver, an adopted motto of ‘tee it high and let it fly’ is indicative of their aspirations.

With collaborative efforts from Volunteers, North Sound Golf Club, Caribbean Publishing Company, Glaceau Vitamin Water and Dirty Potato Chips the Yellow Pages Junior Golf Club is taking a strong start in the introduction of golf to children of the Cayman Islands.

‘With the type of attraction this is receiving from the community, we are in the works of adding additional camp dates in order to accommodate the interest,’ said Sean Landreth, the founder of the club.

‘This would not have happened without the support of all the volunteers within Caribbean Publishing, the YP Junior Club and corporate community.’

The Yellow Pages Junior Golf Club has a waiting list for its second five week camp beginning on 23 January. But, discussions have begun with the local golf community to begin allowing multiple weekly camps. The third camp beginning 27 February is also now open for registration.

North Sound Golf Club has given resounding support across the board with welcoming the junior club to its championship golf course. The YP Jr. Club has shown its appreciation to the club by conducting golf course repair during each session.