Promotions at HSBC

Two long-serving employees in HSBC Premier and Insurance Management teams have been promoted.

A press release states Chet Ebanks has been promoted to Senior Relationship Manager in HSBC Premier, the Bank’s Personal Financial Services division. He will assume responsibility for the daily management of Premier client accounts and for supervising the HSBC Premier team. Mr. Ebanks will also assist customers to access the various competitive lending products offered by HSBC Cayman.

Prior to his promotion, Mr. Ebanks served as Premier Relationship Manager.

A career banker who holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in International Finance, Mr. Ebanks joined the Bank of Bermuda (Cayman) Limited in 1995 as an Operations Administrator and steadily worked his way up in the organisation and when the Bank of Bermuda (Cayman) was acquired by HSBC plc in 2004 Mr. Ebanks continued in his role as Private Client Relationship Officer.

‘Working with HSBC Cayman over the years has provided me with a challenging and fulfilling career and I am pleased to have received this latest promotion, which will allow me to provide an even greater level of service to the bank and its clients,’ Mr. Ebanks said.

In the Bank’s Insurance division HIM Cayman, one of the Bank’s longest-serving employees, who joined HSBC Bank (Cayman) Limited in 1986, Vernie Watler-Harris has been promoted to the position of Business Analyst, having completed her Associate of Arts (Honours) degree in Accounting on a scholarship from HSBC Bank (Cayman) Limited.

Mrs. Watler-Harris said she was deeply honoured to have received both the scholarship and the promotion.

‘I am also grateful for the confidence that the insurance team and managers have placed in me over the years,’ she said.

‘I look forward to the challenges of this new role and will endeavour to uphold the high standards that have defined HIM Cayman.’

Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Cayman, Gonzalo Jalles congratulated both employees on their recent promotions and applauded them for their years of dedicated service to the Bank.

‘Mr. Ebanks has considerable banking experience and this, coupled with his experience in working closely with clients and intermediaries, has allowed him to bring considerable value to HSBC Cayman and its customers,’ Mr. Jalles said.

‘I am pleased to congratulate him on achieving this promotion and look forward to his continued exemplary performance in his new role,’ he added.

Commenting on Mrs. Watler-Harris’ promotion, Linda Haddleton, Head of HIM Cayman said: ‘This is a particularly gratifying promotion, which will align Mrs. Watler-Harris’ personal development with the requirements of our growing insurance management business. This elevation allows her to apply the skills she has learned, and rewards the hard work that she put into gaining those skills.’