Churches must make change

Thank you Mr. Frank McField for an honest and inspiring letter in response to a person you obviously respect as a true Christian.

Your opinions on ‘Caymanian’ Christianity are the most honest and forthright that I’ve seen in public print in many a year and as Cayman’s foremost sociologist your views carry the weight of professional opinion to back them up.

To interject another viewpoint, the Christian doctrine as preached and practised in the Cayman Islands became diluted some time ago in line with the economic ‘miracle’ that the Cayman Islands became, in the society’s acceptance of a change of economic progress and a value system that accommodated this new economic status for the Cayman Islands.

The churches in Cayman began to preach a doctrine of ‘Cayman’s economic progress is proof of God’s blessing and approval and Cayman’s ‘specialness’ in the eyes of the Divine’. This doctrine was extensively preached and promoted by the ‘political Christian’ hierarchy until Hurricane Ivan blew it to smithereens, like so much chaff in the wind.

This doctrine has also been enforced by racial prejudices and ‘apartheid-like’ segregation of the population, all with the approval of the ‘political’ Church.

Now the chickens have come home to roost, with the cover of economic progress being removed and we see exactly what has been lying under the surface all along.

The Church needs to read and study the same Bible from which it misled its memberships every week from its pulpits.

First Timothy 6: 9-11 and Matthew, Chapter 4 are only two prominent places in Scripture where the ‘temptation for the love of money’ is put in its true Christian perspective.

Until you can change Cayman’s Christian values to reflect those of the gospel they claim to follow, the Church will continue to be a part of the problem of Cayman’s social decay and not a part of the solution.

Good luck to you in your efforts; they are much needed now.

Ricardo Tatum