Debating frame instead of picture

All the drama over the first Premier’s direction of the public defenders’ office is a little ridiculous.

It seems the critics are debating the picture frame instead of the picture.

The Bar and Law Society come out defending a territory they believe they have exclusive rights (and some argue that they don’t even care about the islanders only the money that they make and repatriate) to so they complain to the Governor to intercede.

My family tells me that it is only the associations that are up in arms because the people of the Islands welcome the creation of an institution that will be run by competent Caymanians that they can relate to and who understand them.

It seems to me that this level of hypocrisy is raising its ugly head because the two Caymanians chosen to run legal aid are not establishment individuals.

People have been complaining about how legal aid is run in Cayman for a long time and now that these two Caymanians want to do something about it and chart a new direction that does not include institutional bodies they are angry, without even giving the two Caymanians a chance. Get over it.

As for those crying human rights: what I say about the rights of the Caymanian people? Don’t they count? This is nothing but a double dose of hypocrisy by powerful people that don’t seem to understand that power has shifted. It is a pity that the PPM politicians have turned what is a great idea into a political game to score points. But then again what do they care about the people that they are elected to represent?

What these old power brokers should be looking into is the current wave of crime, whether they contributed toward it and what can be done in the future if businesses are to thrive.

Albert Jackson