Black Pearl has a magnetic effect

Cayman’s Black Pearl skate park had more illustrious pros here last week enjoying the challenges of the huge course.


Bingaman shows off his skills. Photo: Ron Shillingford

Blair Alley of TransWorld Skakeboarding magazine came down with two colleagues and five champion skateboarders.

They were: David Gravette, Taylor Bingaman, Tyler Surrey, Wes Kremer and Marius Syvanen.

The skaters were here to pass on tips to keen youngsters in camps. It was all organised by Douglas Cameron ‘JR’ Jr.

Alley said: ‘They’re doing skate camps for a week and I’m here because I came for the first time in the summer and liked it a lot and stayed in touch with JR who said they might be doing the Christmas camps.

‘I told him that I really wanted to come back and shoot photos and film for our projects for TransWorld and the kids see for themselves the top guys face to face and see them skate and they also get an insight into how a video and photos are made.’

Three skaters were from San Diego, one from Washington and one from Sacramento.

Alley, himself a former top skater, added: ‘They’re thoroughly enjoying it, because this park is so big and fun. And in the afternoon we snorkel or swim or hit the wave pool. It’s perfect because we can skate hard and in the afternoon relax.’

This trip will be on their website www. by next week with video footage and photos.

Alley is pleased that from featuring Cayman in his magazine last year, the ripple effect is that others have come to enjoy the vast Black Pearl, the second largest skatepark in the world.

‘It’s brought a lot more awareness to this park,’ Alley said.

JR said: ‘I’m super excited to have these guys here. It’s an amazing Christmas holidays and the kids are so happy and I’m so happy to see some of the best skaters in the sport right now in Cayman.

‘This Christmas camp was intended to get some international media, one of the best skateboarding magazines, to cover this event and it’s really to promote our summer camp.

‘We really expect Skate Cayman summer camp to be huge this year. Kids will be flying in from all over America and all over the world because of the coverage we got last summer.

‘This summer, with the quality of athletes we’re bringing down, the possibilities are endless. It’s going to be big.

‘It’s really good to see them sacrificing being with their friends over Christmas to come over here and be at Black Pearl.’