Widmers are teed up for more swinging success

As the New Year gets going golf is launching a number of initiatives with a strong emphasis on youth development early on.

The sport can only hope it attracts enough star players to replicate the success of its two prized youngsters Samantha and Johnny Widmer.

Arguably the strongest showing came from Samantha at the Island Games last June.

Though the overall team performance was nothing special, she produced one of Cayman’s 14 medals in Aaland, near Finland.

Samantha Widmer, possibly the island’s top female golfer, claimed a bronze medal in the individual women’s event.

Widmer, 22, would not be done energizing the local scene as she turned in a notable showing two months later.

The 2009 Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships (which took place at the Provo golf course in Turks and Caicos) would see Widmer end up tied for fourth in the women’s section and guide the women’s team to a fifth place finish.

Brother Johnny, 20, in addition to his solid play at Colorado University, gave notable showings for Cayman’s national teams.

Arguably Johnny’s most notable showing was shooting a 70 at Provo, one of only seven under par in the men’s section.

Samantha and Johnny would not be the only persons in the Widmer family to do well last year.

Younger brother Jack Widmer, 16, was part of the Cayman youth team that competed at the Caribbean Junior Golf Championships in Jamaica in July.

Jack, who had been to the tournament before, came 12th in the 16-17 age group with a three-round score of 257. Widmer and the Cayman team competed at the Cinnamon Hill golf course in Montego Bay.

Among the local golf community that helped the Widmers along the way was Kevin Mumford.

Mumford is the national golf coach and main figure at the North Sound Golf Club. Most times he can be found out on the green offering tips to golfers.

His technical knowledge came into play in coaching the national teams in preparation for their international tournaments.

He worked with Samantha and Johnny mostly in the lead up to the Island Games and amateur championships. He is slated to lead youth clinics at the North Sound course for kids aged 6-18 in 2010.