Music deal penned

Well known musician and Caymanian Jason Gilbert has signed a production deal with EMI to produce music for some of the biggest acts in entertainment.

Along with Paul Hudson, Lonnie Love McField and Stephen Cotterell, he has now moved to the United States to make the most of the opportunity.

Better known as JG, the artist said his team still keeps a local presence with its Hit Depot Band.

He explained: ‘The EMI deal allows us to make music for artists that in turn record and promote the beats, lyrics and melodies; we provide them with through The iz, which is our company.

‘And we still do a lot of work for our own material through our production company.’

Mr. Gilbert pointed out that The iz is also the vehicle by which their next album would reach consumers.

‘Our next album will be released under our label and will be titled, ‘Beach Club’. We are planning on making it available mostly on-line at I-tunes and other sites but there will also be a special edition run of hard copies for those interested in a collector’s item or souvenir marking the occasion.’

The artist and his Manager Dane Ramoon noted that one half of the offering would have a ‘beach vibe’ whilst the album’s balance offered more of a ‘club attitude’.

Featuring tracks from Jason Gilbert and Lonnie Love McField, as well as a slew of guest appearances from internationally renowned artists and other Caymanian talent, the album- set for a release date in January- seems poised to set a standard for what is possible for Caymanian musicians.

Gilbert has had songs placed with artists such as Usher and Akon and patiently awaits one of his tracks being released by one of these artists, which will no doubt bolster his clout and credibility both near and far.

‘We are quite busy at the moment and once something is released that does well, we will be in a position to open doors for talent here at home.’