Sad time for Florida fans

As the NFL playoffs blast-off tomorrow the mood among some Cayman fans will be bleak.

That is because none of the three pro football teams in Florida (the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars) made it to this year’s post-season.

It will also be a strange feeling to most locals as this year marks just the fourth time in the last decade (the first being seven years ago) that no Florida team made it in.

For what it’s worth at least Jacksonville can boast they had the best season out of the three. Running back Maurice Jones-Drew racked up 1391 rushing yards and 15 TDs in route to a 9-7 team record.

Granted the end to their season was horrible (losing four out of their last five games and dropping what seemed like a guaranteed playoff spot) and the team had issues defensively.

On the whole they were a pleasant surprise as few pundits expected them to have a winning season, much less be a contender for the playoffs.

Arguably the biggest disappointment of the trio was Miami. After going 11-5 to win their division in 2008 they slipped to 7-9 and barely a third place spot this season.

In their defense injuries did ravage the side. Losing their steady QB Chad Pennington (whose career looks to be in doubt) early on and then star back Ronnie Brown late in the year were the death knells.

The biggest positive was Ricky Williams who stepped up and posted 1,121 yards rushing and 11 TDs on the year.

Finally Tampa Bay completed their first rebuilding year in miserable fashion at 3-13. In a season when so much went wrong about the only thing that went right was picking Josh Freeman (1857 yards) at quarterback and Cadillac Williams (821 yards when healthy).