Stop Tiger attacks

The Tiger baiting has to stop. Six weeks of intense media scrutiny is more than enough. And although when he eventually comes out of hiding he will get even less peace than the pre-scandal era, Woods deserves some space.

Apart from cheating on wife Elin with multiple partners, what else has he done that’s so terrible? After years of building up a squeaky clean persona, at least he’s proved not to be an automaton.

Infidelity in marriage cannot be condoned, but it’s not as if he consumed copious amounts of performance-enhancing drugs (like Ben Johnson), puffed ganja on an industrial strength bong (Michael Phelps) or committed a heinous crime like shooting a woman dead from point-blank range (Phil Spector).

Woods simply acted like most celebs and played away when he could but shouldn’t have. Ten months on the road is a long time to resist temptation.

What first attracted these women to the multi-millionaire golfer Tiger Woods in the first place?

At least he was circulating some of that enormous wealth – $600 million at the last count – by paying his squeezes not to blow his cover. One girl, Rachel Uchitel, allegedly received $2m for denying they were ever an item. She is now rinsing the media circuit through reflected glory, albeit on dubious grounds.

His behaviour certainly neither warranted the termination of sponsorship contracts nor the widespread condemnation that he’s received.

The CEO of Google claims that Tiger’s name has been searched more than when Michael Jackson died.

Like Jackson, Woods seems to have an identity problem over being black. Well, at least the brothers who rejected him for not being down enough may see him in a more favourable light now.

There is nonsense about Woods having to seek rehabilitation for sex addiction. And also that he may never play golf again.

After 15 years under the spotlight, a well deserved break from the media circus is warranted albeit unplanned.

Tiger by name and sexual habits it seems. So what? He’s a brilliant golfer, possibly the greatest ever and should be welcomed back immediately.