West Bayers get served

A week before the holidays the idea of a West Bay community sports group was proposed.

At the time the Department of Youth and Sports revealed that the group would get going this month in the form of a volleyball competition.

Now those sentiments carry much weight as the West Bay Community Sports Committee is officially in motion.

The committee’s first act is a district volleyball league that starts in two weeks on January 23 (from 6:30pm-9:30pm).

The league is aimed at children in West Bay 10 years of age and up and takes place at the John A Cumber primary school until March 13.

Leading up to the league the committee is set to host a one-day open tryout next Saturday from 6:30pm-8:30pm on the hard court at the primary school.

Among the league officials slated to be at the tryouts is local football legend Dion Brandon.

‘Collin (Anglin, Acting Director of the Department of Youth and Sports) contacted me recently and I was eager to be involved,’ Brandon said. ‘The league is something good to get involved in, especially now with the crime rate up.

‘I’m just out to keep the kids out of trouble. They say idle hands cause mischief and to me now is the time for the youth to stop being idle.’

Brandon, 23, is known to most for his exploits on the football field. He captains Future Sports Club and has been a fixture on the Cayman national men’s team for years.

The born-and-bred West Bayer talked about the importance of the upcoming league tryouts.

‘The tryout is really a registration period where parents can come out and sign up their kids. At the same time though it gives the officials a chance to see the abilities of the kids and avoid disparity (for example having too many advanced players on one team beating up on a team with a lot of beginners).

‘In a way the volleyball league is sort of like the district football league some time ago where the district was split up into zones. This time around we’re splitting everything up by age groups.’

In the league Brandon serves as head of officials and coordinates volunteers for that position. Another notable league participant is Gerry Robinson who is in charge of coaches (she can be reached at 916-1902).

Brandon, who can be reached by e-mail at [email protected], spoke about his knowledge of volleyball and his desire to see people come forward.

‘Basically I’m just looking to get as much people as possible interested in doing some volunteer work as an official. I might be a footballer but I know a lot about volleyball in regards to the rules.

‘I believe the refresher course for prospective officials takes place January 18 and that will give people a chance to get familiar with the rules.’

The deadline for registering teams is next Friday. Teams can be registered by collecting forms from J and M Electronics in West Bay.

News of the West Bay league comes after the East End community five-a-side football league wrapped up in early December.