Martin admits 11 March meeting

Miss Schirn’s blood on his glove explained

Defendant Randy Lebert Martin began giving evidence on Monday, replying ‘No, sir’ when asked if he had anything to do with the killing of Sabrina Schirn.

Ms Schirn’s body was found in a bushy area off High Rock Road in East End on 17 March 2009. She had received multiple chop wounds.

The week before, Martin, an inmate of Northward Prison, was working at the prison farm. It can be accessed via High Rock Road.

Martin told the court that he met Ms Schirn on the morning of 11 March at a banana washing shed on property next to the prison farm. He said she brought him cigarettes and weed (marijuana or ganja).

He said they met at 10.38am and engaged in sexual activity. They did not have complete intercourse because she was menstruating.

Afterwards, she picked up his work glove and wiped it on her leg. He stopped her and gave her his wash rag ‘and she cleaned up herself.’ He went back to the farm and she jumped in the car and went off.

Martin said they had talked on the phone earlier that morning. After she left they talked again at 10.56am and arranged to meet the following Wednesday, 18 March.

Defence Counsel David Evans was still questioning Martin at the lunch break.

Justice Charles Quin is hearing the matter without a jury. Solicitor General Cheryll Richards closed the Crown’s case against Martin on 18 December.