Management consultants an option to consider

At a time when businesses find themselves in doubt about their next move, it’s possible to get help that doesn’t need to cost a bundle.

‘In good or bad times, plans need to be executed and companies need to continue building for the future,’ said Gregg Anderson, MBA, a Certified Management Consultant and founder of consulting company VisionQuest Management Services Ltd.

When faced with making decisions that impact the long term, Mr. Anderson noted that in the current climate executives can’t easily predict what’s in store for their company.

Despite the tough economic climate, Mr. Anderson urged firms to resist the temptation to stop spending on consultants, noting they need help in managing risk now more than ever.

‘With a Certified Management Consultant, you can be confident you are getting management advice and assistance that is informed, tested and based on experience and integrity,’ he said.

He said those holding the designation must meet a rigorous set of certification requirements, including academic qualifications, course completion, consulting experience, peer review and annual study, and abide by the designation’s Uniform Code of Professional Conduct.

According to Mr. Anderson, businesses can benefit from hiring a management consultant in a number of ways. These include relieving temporary staff shortages, providing support when tough management decisions need to be made, offering advice on best practices, analysis and new perspectives, and assisting with staff training.

He says management consultants can help with the decision-making process thanks to their broad business knowledge in the areas of strategy, operations, finance, HR, IT and marketing.

‘One of the most important things a management consultant can do in this tough economic climate is to offer moral support to their clients and help them to stay focused,’ said Mr. Anderson.

‘Furthermore, we need to ensure that they have developed a good business plan with tight and sound financials, and most importantly, that they have the resources they need to execute their plans.’