Rooster drops Crosstalk PM show

Rooster has dropped its afternoon call-in radio talk show Crosstalk PM.

The show was launched on 10 November last year, but after two months on the air, it has failed to attract enough advertising revenue to make it viable, according to Randy Merren, the managing director of Hurley’s Entertainment which owns the station.

‘Rooster 101.9FM operates to make a profit from the services and programmes it provides and often in business, when a profit is not immediately achievable; we seek to recover, at minimum, the costs of providing such services.

‘The advertising revenue from Crosstalk PM simply did not meet either of those criteria and therefore was no longer an economically feasible endeavour,’ Mr, Merren said.

The show was hosted by Walling Whittaker and Lorna Bush. The final show was aired on Thursday, 7 December. It is being replaced with programmed country music.

The Crosstalk PM hosts did not seem aware that the programme was going to be cancelled, announcing on Thursday its guests for the following day and the coming week. A new regular segment was due to start on Monday, dealing with personal relationships.

The popularity of the morning Crosstalk show, hosted by Austin Harris and Gilbert McLean, prompted the radio station to start an afternoon show based on the same formula of two hosts discussing politics and current affairs interspersed with calls from the public.

Mr. Merren said: ‘In this recession, businesses have to be creative and seek to maximise… revenue from all available resources. Our decision to present an afternoon talk show built on the success of our morning programme was largely a speculative venture on behalf of Hurley’s Entertainment.’

He added that he believed a talk show in the afternoon could work in the future, but it did not succeed in the current economic climate.

‘The decision therefore to cancel the Crosstalk PM programme was simply a business decision, in the interest of Rooster 101.9FM.’