Is it called smoke, mirrors?

Is it called smoke and mirrors if the Government tells departments not to submit bills for payment and then turns around and states that all bills submitted to the Treasury have been paid?

We all know the world is experiencing an economic downturn. Would it be better if we all embraced that fact and then engaged in meaningful dialogue that would lessen the impact, stabilise or even improve the current economic situation, instead of hiding the real financial status with meaningless rhetoric that gets turned around at every corner?

Just re-read the excerpts of the article again (below) and see for yourself if all that can be said is being said. Last comment of the day – is this why the Government wants to get rid of Auditor General Dan Duguay? Is it that he tells the truth as did Ken Jefferson at the opening of the new Cabinet relative the financial status of the country? Was he (Jefferson) not so forth coming about the financial status of the Country before the old Cabinet was defeated or was he? Remember how the (now new administration) challenged Jefferson’s depiction of the country’s financial status before the elections. Why was Jefferson’s picture of the finances different after the election than before? Is it because whatever administration that is in power holds his job over his head if the truth is not told the way the leaders want it to be told? Remember how they challenged Jefferson’s financial picture of the country during the elections?

How things change, oh the Financial Secretary’s position no longer exists under the new Constitution – so who will be nominated for the vacant finance position? Will it be Jefferson or someone else who will tell the truth without smoke and mirrors?

Re-read the excerpt below:

‘Auditor General Dan Duguay said last week that his office was told not to submit requests for payment to the Treasury Department for pension and health care during the months of August through October because government simply didn’t have the money to pay.

‘My understanding is that it was a cash flow issue,’ Mr. Duguay said.

The Compass has previously questioned Mr. Jefferson about past due payments for government’s various bills and has been informed that all bills submitted to the treasury had been paid.’

Donald Druitt