Offerman banned for life

Offerman was banned for life by the Dominican winter league for throwing a
punch at an umpire during an argument on the baseball field.

former All-Star, manager of the Licey Tigers, appeared to hit first base umpire
Daniel Rayburn in the face or neck with a fist during Saturday’s playoff game
against the Cibao Giants. Rayburn fell to the ground.

Dominican league’s president, Leonardo Matos Berrido, announced the ban. He
said the decision against Offerman was made shortly after the attack.

Ravelo, the general manager of the Tigers, said the club will try to appeal the
ban against Offerman, who had a contract with the club for next season.

Giants were winning 6-0 in the third inning of the final game of the winter
league semi-final playoff series when plate umpire Jason Bradley ejected
catcher Ronny Paulino for arguing balls and strikes. Offerman came onto the
field to talk to Bradley, but ended up arguing with Rayburn.

was the latest outburst by Offerman, an All-Star infielder with the Los Angeles
Dodgers in 1995 and Boston Red Sox in 1999.

14 August 2007, he was batting for the Long Island Ducks against the Bridgeport
Bluefish in an independent minor league game when pitcher Matt Beech hit him
with a fastball. Offerman charged the mound with his bat and swung at least
twice, striking Beech and Bluefish catcher John Nathans.

February 2009, Nathans sued Offerman in U.S. District Court in Bridgeport,
Connecticut, seeking $4.8 million in damages. Nathans said the attack left him
with permanent, career-ending injuries.