Caymanian filmmaker assists Haitian relief

Caymanian film maker Frankie
Flowers has teamed with Avatar star Zoe Saldana to do a series of PSA’s
designed to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

The first of these pieces appears
on eBay, as well as and features the star, who hails from
the Dominican Republic telling people how someone and a lucky guest can
accompany her at Fashion Week in New York.

This special event was planned
before the disaster in Haiti. However, organisers said they wanted to find a
way to affect what was happening in the Caribbean nation that is also a
neighbour of the Dominican Republic.

Persons interested in bidding and
hanging out with Zoe Saldana’s can win by registering at or by
visiting her auction at eBay giving works.

All proceeds from the auction will go
to the Architecture for Humanity Haitian Disaster relief.

The auction will run through 28

Winners of the event will stay in
Times Square, known for its connection to fashion, and be professionally ‘put
together’ by the world renowned Ricardo Rojas Salon before being driven to
Prabal Gurung’s runway show, after which they attend the My Fashion Database
launch party at the famed Tanuki Tavern as Zoe’s guest.

Ms Saldana also appeared in Haven,
which was shot on location in the Cayman Islands and ushered Frank Flowers onto
the world stage.

By way of phone interview with the
Caymanian Compass, the young director opened up about how important he felt it was
to lend his talent to such a cause.

“We all have a responsibility to
use our gifts and strengths to help those in need – some of us are doctors or
whatever the case – I as a filmmaker feel that I should play a role in that
capacity and do my part in my own little way.”

He lamented that it was at times
like these that we realise how truly vulnerable we are, as well as the
importance of being conscious and prepared.

He added that the recent scare in
Cayman was cause to thank God for his mercy and pause for reflection. 

Mr. Flowers said he had the
privilege of observing charity in his immediate surroundings while growing up,
whether it was privately or on a more public forum like the Flower’s Sea Swim
organised by his father, Frank Flowers Sr.

‘It’s the Caymanian thing to do, I
feel,” he exclaimed, adding that he was looking forward to returning home for
the annual Sea Swim later this year.

Mr. Flowers pointed out that more
PSA’s would be forthcoming on behalf of the Red Cross, also featuring Ms

He said these would be tailored more directly to the
situation and what people are feeling, as the first announcement was done
before the Haitian quake and ended up going in that direction as a result of
the need.


Mr. Flowers