Cutting calories for weight-loss success

Completely overhauling your diet can be overwhelming
sometimes, especially if you are of the “all or nothing” mentality. 

Simple substitutions can easily cut fat and calories
without you having to say good-bye to your favorite foods.

Regardless of how much you weigh now, if you are
trying to lose weight and keep it off, it is crucial to your weight success to
learn how many calories you need to eat less of – and more importantly – what
that looks like in food choices.

Cutting as little as 100 calories for your daily
diet can help prevent that one to two pound weight gain that experts estimate
the average North American is gaining each year. 

For those of you who have resolved to lose 10 to 15
per cent of your body weight this year, you will need to cut 200 to 300
calories from your current lifestyle to maintain that new weight.

Smaller bodies require less fuel and as such this
would translate into fewer calories.

Smart food substitutions, reducing portion sizes,
and exercising more often are simple changes that can add up in calorie savings.  The more small changes you make the more
calories you will save.

Here are some ways you can save calories:



Eat one medium orange instead of drinking 12 ounces
of orange juice. You’ll save 106 calories.

 Pour half a cup
of granola into a small mug rather than 1 cup into a bowl. Save 200 calories.

Top pancakes or waffles with half a cup of berries
and half a cup of low fat yogurt instead of quarter a cup of syrup. That will
save 125 calories.


At lunch and dinner:

Top a baked potato with plain non-fat yogurt and
salsa instead or regular sour cream. Per one third of a cup (75ml) and you will
save 100 calories.

Reduce your portion of cooked rice or pasta by half
a cup (125 ml). Save 100 calories.

Squeeze lemon juice over cooked vegetables instead
of adding butter. Per tablespoon, you’ll save 100 calories.

At snack time:

Say no to buttery toppings at the movie theatre. For
a large popcorn, save 300 calories. Now that is considerable!

Swap rich ice cream for frozen sorbet. Per half a cup
(125 ml), you’ll save 140 calories

Sipping calories

In coffee, use 2 per cent milk instead of half and
half (10 per cent milk fat). Save 80 calories per quarter cup.

Order a latte (12 ounce or “tall”) with
skim milk instead of whole milk. Save 90 calories.


Andrea Hill is a registered
nutritionist based in the Cayman Islands.