Working with a personal trainer

The beginning of a new year is a
time when people tend to reflect on the past and vow to make positive changes
in their lives.

One of the most popular New Years’
resolutions is the one to lose weight and/or get into shape. It is a fantastic
resolution to make because there is no better feeling than the one you get by
improving your health and fitness.

Your body will feel great, look
great and it will thank you for it!

Unfortunately, for a lot of people,
once this resolution is made, there is no “plan of action”.

People start out with the best
intentions but for so many reasons fall short of their original goals.

Fitness goals

A lot of people turn to personal
trainers to help them keep their resolutions and achieve their fitness goals.
Working with a personal trainer is a great way to help you develop a plan of
action and keep you on track.

Whether someone requires constant
supervision two or three days a week or only occasionally to update or give
feedback on their programme and progress, it is good to have someone to be
accountable to and it makes it more likely that you will stick to the programme.

Although personal trainers aren’t
for everyone, they can provide certain benefits that you can’t find when
working out on your own.

Motivation is one of the main
reasons people benefit from personal trainers because people often lose or
simply lack the personal drive to stick with a consistent exercise programme.

Personal trainers can provide
structure and accountability and help you develop a lifestyle that encourages

In addition to keeping you
motivated, individualised programmes based on your personal goals can be
developed by a trainer.

Get with the programme

Everyone has different goals and
each programme needs to be individualised for each person. Once these goals are
identified, a trainer can get you focused on your programme and ensure your
workouts are as efficient as possible to get maximum results in minimum time.

For the more seasoned athlete or
seasoned exerciser, a trainer can design a programme to improve a specific
sport skill or help you break through plateaus you might be experiencing.

If you ultimately want to learn how
to go about designing your own routine so you don’t need a personal trainer,
working for a few months with one may be all you need. They will ensure you
have the correct technique to continue on your own.

There is a good reason why people
hire personal trainers to lose weight and get into shape – its works.

Fast and easy

Working with a trainer is one of
the fastest, easiest and most successful ways to improve your health and

Personal trainers are used by
people of all fitness, age and economic levels to help make lifestyle changes
they couldn’t achieve by themselves.

Anyone, young or old, in shape and
out, can utilise a personal trainer to obtain their fitness goals.

Colleen Brummer is the facilities manager/trainer at ENERGY at
Cricket Square.