HOT 104.1 changes line-up

Taylor is to join Jules to co-present The Morning Grind show on HOT 104.1. Already
a familiar voice to the station’s listeners, he will join the hot seat
alongside seasoned presenter Jules. 

release from the station describes the show as a fusion of Caribbean style with
an urban flavour, Chuck and Jules are looking forward to the partnership. Kick
starting HOT 104.1 listeners’ mornings in an earlier timeslot is Preston
Onfroy’s Good Morning Cayman between 5am and 7am.

am thrilled to take on the challenge of injecting energy and enthusiasm into
our listeners’ mornings and making the show ever HOTter in 2010… I am confident
we will have no problem achieving an unstoppable ying and yang interaction”.

duo is promising an abundance of “banter, fun and crazy antics” in addition to
the main features of the show which are news and weather updates, the Pepper
Pot (entertainment news), LIME tip of the day at 8.40am,  WTF story with Jules, Morning shout-outs,
birthday greetings and horoscopes.

morning show will also feature traffic updates: ‘dms Real-Time Traffic’ voiced
by Preston and aired across all four of dms Broadcasting’s stations.

the programming director for HOT 104.1, Chuck has been with the dms Broadcasting
for two years and has more than 20 years industry experience, both locally and

said of her new stable mate:  “New year,
new partner in crime. I am excited to work alongside Chuck – we should
definitely have some great laughs, and hopefully our listeners will think we
are funny too. It’s a great job being a part of entertaining Cayman each
morning – keeping our listeners company as they drive into work in the mornings
and sip on their coffee at work! Keep listening to HOT 104.1 for competitions,
prizes and the best of the Caribbean.”