Roundabout shrubbery to be removed

Posing a hazard to area drivers

The National Roads Authority has
asked Dart Realty to cut back foliage at the roundabout near Camana Bay to
allow vehicles to have a clearer view of oncoming traffic.

Drivers exiting Lawrence Boulevard
and turning left onto the Esterley Tibbets Highway have described difficulties
in clearly seeing traffic coming off the roundabout at that exit as plants were
blocking their view.

 “We are contacting the Dart people and
instructing them to trim it back,” said Brian Tomlinson, the managing director
of the National Roads Authority.

Kathryn Jackson, of public
relations company Atwater, which represents Dart, confirmed that Camana Bay did
the landscaping in that area.

“Our team will address it
immediately and furthermore, we will re-consider the shrubs that are currently
causing the sight obstruction to determine if there is an alternative shrub,
which may be more suited to that location,” she said.

At its own nursery, Dart has grown
indigenous and native plants and trees, which the company replanted at sites
throughout Camana Bay, including along Camana Way and at the roundabout.


Dart has agreed to cut back foliage obstructing drivers’ vision at the Camana Bay roundabout.
Norma Connolly