Primary students encouraged to read

just a few hours reading each day can make a difference; this was the lesson
for the day at East End Primary School on Friday.

students, teachers and parents were celebrating Reading Day with a number of
activities such as story book characters parade and composition; skits, poems,
songs presentations and in class reading.

The event,
themed “Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Learner” also featured story telling by
parents, prize giving for book readers and a presentation on the importance of
reading by East End MLA Arden Mclean.

Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power.”  Read! Said Mr. McLean as he shared with
students how his love for reading had helped him to become an engineer and a
member of the Legislative Assembly.

He also shared
with students how he liked to read the newspapers and stories about people.

“Not all people
like to read the same thing, some like Nancy Drew and some like Hardy Boys but find
what you like and read it,” he said. “The key is, you must read. The book is
the best form of knowledge to achieve success in life,” he said.

 For this reason, Mr. McLean said he was able
to get a good job as well as to encourage his children to read.

“Set aside some
time to read a book or two. When your family ask you what you are up to, tell
them you are reading. And find something to read,”

He said some people spent hours reading, “You see them
on the beaches on planes and everywhere – who knows some of you might even
become teachers like Principal Wallace,” he said.

For the
rest of the day students, teachers and Lions’ club members participated in a
number of outdoor activities with Fitness Connections.


Students and teachers assist Vir-ginia Foster with a story activity.
Jewel Levy

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