Time to speak up

The average person may not realise
how difficult it is for reporters to get those who have valuable information
and insight into particular issues of public interest to speak their minds.

Most of the times, there are people
“in the know” about some kind of injustice going on the in Cayman
Islands, and sometimes they’ll even complain to us about it.

The “in the know” complainers will
then, of course, revert to the position that everything they have just
complained about is “off the record”. They dare not take the risks that come
with doing what is right, you see.

There are many issues on which
people “in the know” could help us bring to the wider public’s knowledge, if
only they would speak up – on the record.

The pensions mess is one of those

Those “in the know” folks will
often complain bitterly about the current pension system; about its failures in
paying what was promised to the workers of these Islands;
about the backroom deals that allow delinquent companies to break the law with

But they remain silent, with the exception
of their off-the-record complaining.

In our view, there is no one issue
in which this utter failure to speak has hurt individuals, businesses and this
country more than in the provision of pensions.

There has been a crime committed –
or more likely numerous crimes – in several areas of the Cayman
Islands’ pension system.

The recently announced
investigation by the complaints commissioner into this lawbreaking is long
overdue, but we wonder what the outcome will be if those who are “in the know”
don’t speak, or at least don’t speak to the fullest extent of their knowledge.

Meanwhile, both local and foreign
workers are left to wonder if there will be anything left for their golden
years under the current system.

It’s time for the people “in the
know” to break their silence so the full extent of Cayman’s pension mess can
come to light.

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