National Trust welcomes marketing manager

The National Trust for the Cayman
Islands welcomed Erika Walton as its new marketing manager recently. Ms
Walton’s appointment completes the staffing of the Trust, which has been
running without the services of a marketing manager for almost 11 months.

“Everything the Trust does – from
the conservation of the environment as well as the historic programmes – is a
big deal to me,” she said.

Ms Walton has had to hit the ground
running, with one of the biggest fundraising events for the Trust, the National
Trust dinner and wine auction, taking place only a week after she took up her
duties at the Trust.

Born in Cayman, Ms Walton attended
St. Ignatius Catholic School before two years of study at the University
College of the Cayman Islands, where she majored in social studies.

“Then I went off to the University
of Tampa and I studied advertising and public relations there,” she said.

While at school, Ms Walton developed
a special interest in non-profit organisations, doing a study about animal
non-profits as part of her studies.

“When I came home in summers I
worked at The Ritz-Carlton as a communications intern,” she said.

Landing a marketing position with a
non-profit organisation was a dream come true for Ms Walton.

“I think it’s a bonus that it is a
non-profit organisation because the opportunity really doesn’t come up that
often to have a job in marketing in a non-profit agency so when it did come up
I went for it,” she said.

Ms Walton admitted that the Trust
has many more activities than she had been aware of.

“I didn’t know a lot of the things
that went on [at the National Trust] until I went through all of our press
clippings. I really feel like, if people knew, they would come,” she said.

She is very aware that creating
public awareness about the work the Trust undertakes will constitute a very
important part of her work, along with driving the fundraising efforts at the organisation.

One of Ms Walton’s main aims will
be to improve the Trust’s membership relations, through keeping the members
more up to date with the Trust’s work and activities.

“We’re trying to start back up our
newsletter, which hasn’t been quarterly as it should have been, so we’re
working on that as well trying to find some new outlets that maybe we haven’t
tapped before,” she said.

For Ms Walton, being part of a
dedicated team tasked with preserving Cayman is a rare honour.

“We are extremely dedicated to
preserving all that is Cayman, from the flora and the fauna to historical
locations and historic sites as well as the wetlands. We need people to help us
– it is something we feel passionately about and we think that they should feel
passionately about it as well,” she said.

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