Hospitality training tapped for EE primary

East End Primary School students
will soon get lessons in hospitality work.

That is, as soon as the building at
the back of the school is outfitted with the necessary fixtures, scheduled
times put in place and people identified to assist students.

The new school project will involve
science experiments, sewing, cooking, baking, washing, ironing, bed making,
table setting, etiquette and other hospitality skills, which will be taught as
a part of the school’s curriculum.

Principal Allison Wallace said she
could not give a specific date as to when the programme would begin, but the
school had vision of September, between the hours of 1pm and 4pm.

She said the learning through
practical activities is geared at providing students with an excellent opportunity to
enhance and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the
hospitality industry.

She said the school’s vision is to
develop well-rounded, confident, articulate students who are eager to learn.

“We want to give our students a
head start in identifying crafts or skills they are good at with the
expectation that they might want to develop these as they get older.

“This gives them the opportunity to
be self-employed or to have marketable skills. This is just a more creative and
exciting way to deliver to our students,” she said.  

high hopes of getting the project of the ground, Principal Wallace said the
vision goes far beyond the four walls of the institution. “This project is designed more to benefit East
End and Cayman on a whole than just the school,” she said.

asked who would be teaching students the necessary skills and providing work
materials, she said she  is looking at getting
the whole community involved.

“The vision is that teachers as
well as special volunteers will deliver lessons. Materials for the project will
be provided by the Parent Teachers Association and other community members. So
far there has been an outpouring of support from parents and the community in
support of the project,” she said.