Governor takes a hospital tour

Duncan Taylor got a swine flu jab and viewed a skeleton during tour of health facilities.

Governor Duncan Taylor continued
his exploration of his new home by taking a tour of the Cayman Islands Hospital
last Thursday.

Health Services Authority CEO
Lizzette Yearwood, who led the governor and wife Marie-Beatrice on the tour,
convinced them to get H1N1 swine flu jabs after introducing them to a young man
who had spent several weeks on a respirator in the Critical Care Unit due to
the H1N1 virus.

Both offered their arms to nursing
staff in the foyer of the hospital for the vaccination injections just before
leaving after an hour-long visit.

During their tour, they visited the
forensic laboratory where the skeletal remains of a man’s body found on land by
Bobby Thompson Way in late January were being examined.

Pathologist Bruce Hyma explained to
the governor that police and forensics staff were closing in on the man’s
identity and were comparing earlier X-rays of who they suspected it might be
with the remains.

The Taylors were also given a tour
of the maternity ward, which was full to capacity with 13 mothers, as well as
the dialysis, mental health, paediatric, and public health units.

Speaking at the completion of the
tour, the latest in a series of visits to government and private institutions
throughout Cayman since his arrival last month, Governor Taylor said he was
“very impressed” with the staff and facilities at the hospital.

“We were quite struck by how calm
and under control everything appears to be here, which is always a reassuring
feeling in a hospital,” he said.

He said the hospital reminded him
of health facilities in the United Kingdom.

This was not his first visit to the
Cayman Islands Hospital. He said one of his first calls when he landed in
Cayman last month was to a doctor to find out about getting treatment for a
herniated disc in his back.

He has been receiving laser
treatment at the hospital’s physiotherapy unit for his back. He has also been
regularly swimming along Governor’s Beach outside his home to exercise his
back, and said he plans to enter the annual Flowers Sea Swim.

During his tour of the hospital,
the governor stopped frequently to shake hands with and chat to patients and

The Health Services Authority board’s chairman
Canover Watson and board member Peter Young also accompanied the governor on
the hospital tour.

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