Finn is no longer a big spectacle

Goalkeeping is the hardest position
in football and to be handicapped by poor eyesight definitely puts you at a
great disadvantage.

Yet the goalie of Academy Sports
Club Under-13, Finnigan Huffington, was playing without his specs all season,
primarily because it’s not safe, but also because his mother, Ophelia, did not
want him to break his only pair.

His team didn’t realise how blind
he was without his glasses until recently.

Finnigan’s family could not afford
contact lenses, so Chynna Martinez, a member of Cayman Prep High School’s Key
Club thoughtfully asked the club to donate the cost of the eye exam, fitting
session and first three months of contact lenses. It all came to $150.

Chynna is the sister of Sebastian, one
of Finnigan’s teammates so she learned about his situation at one of Academy’s practises.

Now Finnigan has 20/20 vision and
he can’t blame conceding a goal on not being able to see the ball properly!