Simon’s pin deserves an Olympic medal

When the Winter Olympic Village
opened in Vancouver this week there was the usual frenzy to collect as many
pins as possible from different nations.

The Cayman Islands has only one
competitor at the Winter Olympics – Dow Travers in the giant slalom – and being
from a small, tropical country, Cayman’s pin will be very collectable for

Travers, 22, is the first Caymanian
to enter the Winter Olympics and the fact that he comes from the Caribbean adds
extra intrigue which is why this pin will be highly sought after.

The Cayman Olympic committee
members in Canada are likely to be extremely popular amongst the pin seekers.

Although most pins are only worth a
few bucks apiece, some can be worth more than $100 each, depending on their
novelty and demand. A few pins from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, for instance,
are very valuable, since only about 200 from all the competing countries were

Donald McLean is the president of
the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee. He said: “Cayman has always had a great
reputation for pins. Our giant turtle pin at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta for
instance was voted the most popular by the pin collectors.”

Cayman’s Winter
Olympic pin was designed by Simon Barwick of BB&P. “The Olympic committee
liked it pretty much straight away and that was straight forward but there was
a bit of backwards and forwards with the manufacturers,” said Barwick. “They
said it was a bit difficult to separate the colours. I tried to make it as big
and brassy as possible because it is Cayman’s first Winter Olympics.”


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