St. Ignatius Student of the Month

My name is Daniel Hurlston. I was awarded Student of
the Month for January.

 I think I won
because I am always well behaved in class. I always do my homework even though
I sometimes find it hard. I put a lot of effort into my class work and homework
because I know it will help me to get a better grade.

“This is different to how I was in the past. I was
never bad, but I didn’t have such good grades. I have improved because my mom
and dad have taught me and influenced me to do my best and put a lot of effort
into my work. My teachers have also helped. I have been taught things I never
knew before that I have found interesting, like learning about metals in Science,
grid references in Geography and other interesting information.

My goal is to go to college in Canada to continue studying
and to play soccer.

Winning this award made me feel enthusiastic and proud
of myself because all the hard work has paid off.

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