Two machete attacks on Courts Road

For the second day in a row, a man
has been attacked – apparently with a machete – at the North Town Courts
Apartments in George Town.

The latest incident occurred around
5am Tuesday on Courts Road. 

Police said a Filipino man was
stabbed and had his throat cut by two suspects.

The victim, 34, suffered serious
injuries and was being treated at the Cayman Islands
hospital. Police were not certain if he would survive.

The attack occurred just more than
24 hours after a 25-year-old man, an Indian national, was attacked by a machete
wielding suspect or suspects at the same complex.

That individual was in critical
condition Monday morning and was airlifted to a Jamaican hospital.

Police said they were uncertain how
many attackers were involved in the Indian man’s assault because he not able to

Detectives said the man in Monday’s
attack had left his apartment to make a call to his wife in India between
midnight and 2am.

He returned to the apartment around
3am with serious head injuries.

“This would appear to be a
motiveless and vicious assault on a young man who was telephoning his recently
married wife back in his homeland of India,” said RCIPS Detective Constable
Orlando Mason.

Police were looking into the
possibility that the same attackers may have been involved in the Monday and
Tuesday incidents on Courts Road.

“There are clear similarities
between the two,” Police spokesperson Janet Dougall said.

RCIPS officials did not comment on
whether they believed the attacks on Courts Road were specifically targeting
foreign residents.


  1. Lately it seems like everyday there’s a new story of violence in the Cayman Islands. When we started visiting the island it felt safe like we were in paradise. Because of this we decided to buy a home on the island for retirement. But with the upsurge of violence, we have to be concerned about the future of the Island and if we made the right decision.

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