Crime victim’s friends plea for help


A security guard who was stabbed
and beaten on Courts Road earlier this week has been flown to Jamaica for
additional medical care needed for injuries he suffered in the assault.

On Tuesday afternoon, 34-year-old
Manny Manuel’s friends and co-workers didn’t even know if that trip was going
to be possible.

“One hand he cannot even move, the
other one is in a lot of pain,” Manny’s friend Talia Cohen said. “There is
bleeding in his head.”

A few days ago, Mr. Manuel, a
native of the Philippines,
was told that he needed at least $75,000 in coverage before being treated at
the Jamaica
hospital for his injuries. The maximum amount of coverage available under his
employer’s health insurance plan would not cover those costs.

According to friends and co-workers,
a local company agreed to pay for at least some of Mr. Manuel’s additional
medical costs to get him to Jamaica
early Wednesday morning. However, more financial assistance would likely be needed,
they said.

“We need to help, because if anyone
else was in this situation – being beaten up at 5.30 in the morning – they
would want other people to reach (out) and help,” Ms Cohen said. “Any amount of
money would be better than nothing.”

“This guy’s foreigner, he’s not
from here. He has his sister-in-law only. Please – be there for us.”

The issue of underinsurance for
local workers – particularly foreign workers – was highlighted in 2009 with the
death of Carol Romero, another Filipino national.

Ms Romero was rushed to the Cayman Islands Hospital
after she was hit by a suspected drink driver walking across Shamrock Road on 21 January, 2009. She
was later transferred to a facility in Honduras
with critical head injuries, after centers–of–excellence hospitals in Florida proved too expensive and attempts to transfer her
to Jamaica and Cuba also

After an almost month–long battle, Ms Romero had been
showing signs of recovery at the private Cemesa
Hospital in the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula, when insurance
funding for her treatment ran out. She was then transferred to a public
hospital in the city, but died three days later on 20 February.

Mr. Manuel was the second person to
be assaulted on Courts Road in as many days. Early Monday, an Indian national
was attacked outside his apartment – the same one Mr. Manuel lived in.

That individual, identified by
family members only by his first name, Catejan, was also flown to Jamaica in
critical condition.

Royal Cayman Islands Police are
investigating both cases, but had reported no arrests at press time.

With regard to Mr. Manuel’s case, a
bank account is available to make donations. Please contact Sheena Trapal at
e-mail address [email protected] for details.


Mr. Manuel
Photo: Submitted


  1. When I heard about this incident, I was totally shocked! I can not believe that we have let in these animals that are going round and terrorizing innocent people. Insurance Companies! Surprise, Surprise! Anything to get out of not paying! I work in the Health Industry and I know only too well, what they are like for not paying!!! Bleeding in the brain? Does not sound good, but I do wish obviously for the best outcome of the horrific attack.

  2. What the heck has happened to Cayman? I have been visiting Cayman since I was 16 and have also lived there for a number of years and many of my family members still live there.

    This is so very, very sad. The island has been taken over by criminals and thugs. The CI people must not allow this, otherwise you will become just like Jamaica soon and the tourist will look for safer places to travel and spend their money. Wake up Cayman!

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