Call for top doc’s resignation

Please allow
me space in your newspaper to comment on your editorial of Tuesday 17 February,
2010, which seeks to exonerate and make excuses for Dr. Hoeksema’s insensitive
and inappropriate description of the plight of the unfortunate earthquake
victims in Haiti as “sexy” and malign my call for his resignation.

While in your
normal cowardly style, you have not identified me as the villain and the
scrooge of your mighty pen, no doubt in keeping with your perceived fear of
victimization, the inference is clear as I am not aware of anyone else but me
calling for Dr. Hoeskema’s resignation.

Firstly you
should not conclude that persons like myself have not contributed to the relief
of the Haitian suffering, simply because we have not sought publicity through
your publication or any other media for doing so; suffice it to say that I comfortable
with my “widows mite” contribution.

To define Dr.
Hoeksema’s context in which he used “sexy” as slang for ‘exciting and
glamorous’ only adds insult to injury as this is the very context that offended
Caymanians like myself while he is wearing the title “Top Doc in Cayman”.

I would humbly
suggest that more appropriate words would have been emotional and heart rendering.

I called and I
am still calling for his resignation or the termination of his contract, not
only on the grounds of his insensitive words, and the disrespect shown to
others in the medical field who he is contracted to supervise, but also on the
grounds that his contract was at best secretly renewed or at worst illegally
renewed, to prevent Caymanians who are more qualified from applying for the

At this point
in my investigation of the matter of his contract I am prepared to suggest that
in accordance with the requirements of the job description for medical director
as approved by the HSA board in 2005, he should not have made the short list based
on qualifications.

To have this
confirmed, I have submitted a number of questions to the Minister of Health to
be answered in the Legislative Assembly, and if answered should shed some
public light on this matter.

However I do
not expect these questions will be answered by the Minister of Health in the
Legislative Assembly next week as I am still waiting for the answers to two
questions submitted to the then Financial Secretary in June 2009.

note:  We heard others on radio talk
shows call for Dr. Hoeksema’s resignation. 
As a result, were not specifically referring to Mr. Miller, and
therefore we did not mention him by name.


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