Be very careful Cayman

Hello my good Cayman people. I have
started to write again. I have watched and listened and have been a part of the
going ons in this our Island home, but for a while now our Islands seems to be
in a downward spiral.

I know that many places in the
world have some kind of trouble or other, but it looks like we have imported a
great deal of our problems.

Caymanians, now I want to first of
all be honest with you, as always. This is not in any way a hate or dislike
outsiders, but we have too, too many people here on our Islands that do not
like us after we invite them here to help them make their lives better. They
despise us; say things to degrade us; say that we are lazy and do not like to
work; tell lies on us to put us in prison; steal from us. And worse, kill us.
Should I list more or by now the picture should be very clear. A lot of these
outsiders want to wipe us out. Let us make it very clear to those that look
down on Caymanians; we do not need you here with your crime and with your
dislike for my people. Go home. We know what can happen to an unhappy people
that are pushed down in living day by day with people that mean you no good.
The whole place goes into unrest.

When you find yourself in your own
country competing with outsiders for your daily bread, it is not a good
position. When your police department, your prison system, your security
system, your hospital, your borders and many other key departments including
transportation are in the hands of outsiders, 
you are already in trouble in your own country.

Be careful Cayman. The Government
of the day and the real Caymanian people had better take a good look at these
things. With more children coming out of school and more people coming here
with more prisoners coming out of prison and fewer jobs and hunger for a better
life, the people will sooner or later have something happen on these Islands
they never dreamed would happen.

When the peaceful people that the
outsider found here has said enough is enough, then this is when the problem
will really reach its peak. Be careful Cayman. You are playing with TNT and
many are blind to this kind of bomb.

Emile S. Levy

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