Government seeks overdue immigration fees

Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board issued an advisory Friday that
anyone  granted permanent residency, the
right to be Caymanian, or who has been issued an employment rights certificate
should clear unpaid fees by the end of next month.

Those outstanding
charges, include the annual fees mandated by the employment rights certificate.

If that
payment is not made, approval of those immigration grants could be revoked or
declared null and void.

Cayman Islands immigration officials could not state how many people
were delinquent on the charges, or how much was owed in total.

“The board
is very much concerned that new Caymanians and permament residents are not
paying their fees,” Cayman Status and Permanent Residency Board Chairman Waide
DaCosta said. “Their applications were granted in good faith, and it is disappointing
that some of the new grantees are not taking the necessary steps to effect the validility
of their new status. In some cases, this means that they are working illegally.”

are asked to assist the Immigration Department in recovering outstanding fees
by requiring employees who are permanent residents and new Caymanians to
provide them with evidence that their immigration fees are current.

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