Reef exhibit comes to Cayman

The George Town public library is the
latest stop for the Our Reefs: Caribbean Connection exhibit.

The exhibit was brought to the Island by
the Department of Environment with assistance of Tropical Shipping. It has been
travelling throughout the Caribbean and is designed to promote awareness, understanding,
and stewardship of coral reefs among all people of the wider Caribbean.

Originally developed by the Smithsonian
Tropical Research Institute the exhibit was completely revised by Florida State
University in 1996. Illustrated in the exhibit’s modules are common
environmental challenges as well as many local attempts within the Caribbean to
conserve, sustainably utilise, or restore reefs and related ecosystems.

The exhibit will be at the George Town public
library until 12 March. Viewing is 10am-5pm from Monday through Friday and
10am-2pm on Saturday. Entry is free and all are welcomed. For additional
information contact the Department of Environment at [email protected]

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