Police crackdown on tinting

than 400 vehicles were stopped by police and 88 motorists had to strip the
tinting from their vehicles to avoid prosecution, or their vehicles being
seized last Friday.

Cayman Islands Police officers and vehicle licensing staff joined forces to
carry out traffic checks from West Bay to the East End
on Friday.

a two-and-a-half hour period, police said more than 400 vehicles were stopped
and 88 motorists were encouraged to rip the tints from their windows.

is just the start of this island wide operation,” Chief Superintendent John
Jones said. “Blackened windows pose a real safety threat to police officers and
to members of the public. However we’re not going to stop at tinting.”

will be tackling license plate issues too. Too many people on the islands have
their number plates obscured, have their plates displayed in their windows, or
worse have no plates displayed at all. While these offences are clear contraventions
of the traffic law the main concern for us is that obscured or missing plates
can cause us problems tracing vehicles involved in criminal activity.”

 “This is not about cracking down on traffic
offences – it’s about making these islands safer for all.”


  1. see..this is cayman’s problem..ALL they worrying about is the SIMPLE things….they need to find JOBS for there caymanians,help fight the crime buts no they worrying about damn tinting on vehicles!!.

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