First Assembly plans conference

Wilson is coming to the Cayman Islands for a worship conference and concert 12-14
March at the First Assembly of God.

Wilson, who is the son of a Pentecostal preacher, always loved music and used
it as a vehicle to communicate God’s love and the Gospel of salvation.  At
the age of seven he was preaching at his daddy’s church and led his first
revival at the age of eleven.

Dennis made his way to Nashville looking to make his mark and after banging on
some doors and writing some big songs he met Bill Gaither who changed his
life.  As Dennis sang, “I can’t live without you, I don’t want to try,”
Gaither was overwhelmed by the monumental melody and heart penetrating lyrics
and signed Dennis as a writer, which launched his career.  “I Can’t Live
Without You” soon climbed to the Top- 20 in both the CCM Update and CRR
Christian radio trades. 

then, Dennis has travelled throughout Europe and the United States performing
in concerts and crusades.  Most recently Dennis performed at Jerusalem
3000 and appeared at the Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York City.  In
addition, his powerful ballad, “By The Way of the Cross,” was featured as the
title octavo in the Alexandria House Easter musical.

who now resides in San Antonio, Texas, has released five albums.  His
latest, “Castles in the Sand” on SIZE 10 Records, is receiving wonderful reviews,
both in the secular and Christian markets.  The title cut and music video,
is an emotional tribute to military warriors, as a father and patriot tells his
11-year old daughter that he is not just fighting for his country but that he
is also fighting for her. 

recently Dennis performed in front of an audience of 3,200 military and their
families at Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas the night before many were deployed to

has toured Europe, the Middle East, and was the special singer at a World
Conference in Jerusalem. Dennis also appeared in Germany, Kuwait, the USS
Vicksburg and the USS Eisenhower.

12 March conference commences at 7pm

13 March at 2.30pm

of the topics that will be handled include We are called to be Worshippers and
song writing.

is a registration fee of $15.

14 March, at 6pm is a free concert. For further information, contact 945 2182

The church is at 195 Old Crewe Rd., George Town.