Anglin’s mention on murder charge delayed

Father of child restrained


Devon Anglin 24, appeared in
Summary Court on Monday to face one count of murder in connection with the
killing of four-year-old Jeremiah Barnes.

During court proceedings, it was
established that he did not have an attorney, so the mention was adjourned for
him to find representation.

The exact date and time of the
defendant’s next appearance has been withheld from the public. Magistrate
Margaret Ramsay-Hale said it is important to minimise the commotion that may be
associated with an announced appearance by Anglin.

This very concern was witnessed in
the day’s events outside the courthouse as Andy Barnes – the father of the
victim – shouted and flailed about saying, “I don’t f…ing care anymore. I’ve
lost my son.”

He was restrained by armed police
and subsequently left the premises.

Jeremiah was shot dead at a West
Bay gas station on 15 February.

Anglin was arrested
just hours after the incident, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police.


Andy Barnes, father of Jeremiah Barnes is restrained by police behind the Court House.
Stuart Wilson