Gas station nets opposition

Once again, a proposed new residential
project is causing a stir.

But this time, it’s because the
developers want to include a Texaco gas station on the development, located on
a section of the new East-West arterial in the Prospect Point area.

“The little convenience it brings
will be far outweighed by the problems it will cause,” said area resident Peter

A petition with 110 signatures has
been submitted to the Planning Department, which has invited project opponents to
address the Central Planning Authority today, 3 March at 1:00 p.m.

“There are a lot of reasons why we
don’t want it there,” said Mr. Wood.

“First of all, we think there are
enough gas stations in the area, as Brown’s Esso is a quarter of a mile away,
while Maedac Texaco is about one mile to the west and Savannah Texaco is about
two miles to the east.”

Mr. Wood said area residents are
also concerned about the possibility of increased traffic congestion as a
result of cars entering and exiting the filling station.

The developer of the new project,
Stefan Baraud, said the National Roads Authority was informed of the planning application
and had no objection with regard to traffic issues.

However, the points raised in the petition
go further, arguing that other issues associated with filling stations are also
of concern to residents.

 “The existing gas station on Shamrock Road is
a well known late night hangout and has had its share of dangerous life
threatening events already. These include, but were not limited to, a stabbing
and machete incidents last year,” the petition states.

“We all live in the surrounding
areas and having this filling station at its present location is close enough
as it is. In particular the owners and residents of Lantern Point bought their
respective residences on the premise of a family development and as such, is a
place where many small children reside,” it continues.

“The safety and security of their
wellbeing must be considered paramount.”

The petition notes the gas station
also poses a target for robberies and crime, which “will threaten our safety
and quite possibly devalue our properties”.

Mr. Baraud said he was surprised
how much attention the proposed development had garnered, though acknowledging
that as it was a commercial development he did expect some concerns to be

“But the key issue I think is that
the adjacent landowners had no objection to it,” he said.