Arrest in Mary Street shooting

A 32-year-old man was arrested in connection with Friday afternoon’s shooting on Mary Street, Royal Cayman Islands Police confirmed Saturday. 

He is being detained on suspicion of attempted murder, but has not been charged. 

The victim was the third person to be shot in the fourth
incident involving gunfire on Grand Cayman in a little over 20 hours.

Just after 4pm Friday there were reports
of shots fired on Mary Street in the parking lot of Barnes’ Plaza.

Police said the victim was shot outside of Barnes’ bar and was rushed to hospital. Although reports were that she had been shot in the face, her injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

According to police, the victim was known to frequent the bar and had been at the location prior to the shooting occurring.


Shooting Scene

Police on the scene at the Friday afternoon shooting on Mary Street.
Brent Fuller


  1. When is cayman going to get serious about crime? Few years back New york had a huge crime problem for years the police could not control. Then Mayor Rudy Giuliani was elected on an anti crime campaingn. and the first year in office we had a major decrease in all crime.the people of caymon should demand the police think outside the box and look at how this was done in New York.


    This is shockingly sad-the island needs to round these hoodlums up and if they are expats get them off your island and even sadder, if they are Caymanians send them off to jail and reclaim your island-before it is too late.

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